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Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation

Vision Therapy/Perceptual Evaluations

Our own Dr. Becky Humphreys, OD, MEd, FAAO, is residency trained in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation and has a masters in Education emphasizing vision and learning. We are lucky to have one of the premier eye care professionals in vision therapy within our ranks when it comes to pediatric eye care, vision therapy and vision rehabilitation in enhancing learning and education.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Becky Humphreys if your child is falling behind in school for no apparent reason! Often, there are underlying vision conditions at the root of many "learning disabilities!"

See below for a great vision therapy video, video gives a nice overview of how vision therapy may be able to help in a visual or perceptual challenge you may be experiencing.

Vision Therapy Video

Dr. Becky Humphreys, best eye doctor in Reno and Sparks