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Insurance Options

At Family Eyecare Associates, we offer comprehensive vision and eye health care services.  With this, we educate our patients on the difference between vision insurance and medical insurance.  Vision insurance usually allows coverage for routine vision and eye health evaluations and often has insurance coverage for materials (contact lenses and/or glasses).

Medical insurance covers our medical eyecare services, including but not limited to: emergency eyecare (we are available 24 hours/day 7 days/week for emergency eyecare services), glaucoma treatmentcataract management and care, macular degeneration care, dry eye disease care and management, red eye treatments, and more.


Vision Insurances

We accept Vision Service Plan (VSP) and EyeMed as our major vision insurance plans.  We also accept many insurance plans that have standardized coverage amounts.  Do not hesitate to call us if you think you may have one of these insurance plans (indemnity plans) through your employer.

Medical Insurance

We accept many medical insurance plans, including but not limited to Medicare, Senior Care Plus (through Primary Eyecare), United Health Care, Saint Marys Health First, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more.  Please call us and inquire if your plan is one that may cover your medical services within our practice.  We are happy to assist you, and will continue to expand medical insurance coverage to allow full-scope eyecare services within our practice.

Family Eyecare Associates, insurance payment information for eye patients in Reno and Sparks