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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Evaluations/Chronic Treatment

At Family Eyecare Associates, we stay above the standard of care in all services, including glaucoma evaluations and treatments. Five of our doctors are Board Certified in the Treatment and Management of Glaucoma, and we have the technology and know-how to manage your glaucoma with appropriate treatments that will instill longevity in your vision for years to come. Our standard glaucoma evaluations are comprehensive, and will include:

  • Ocular Coherence Tomography - Ocular Coherence Tomography (or OCT) is essentially an ultrasound of the ocular tissue using light instead of sound. With this technology, we can evaluate the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (the layer that is mostly damaged in glaucoma) to the 1/100 of a micron and normalize that evaluation in the population. This evaluation allows us to uncover damage to the optic nerve (the ultimate definition of glaucoma) and design appropriate treatments to mitigate this damage.
  • Pachymetry - Pachymetry, or the measurement of the corneal thickness, has become essential in the evaluation and management of glaucoma. The ocular hypertension treatment study (OHTS) as a side note proved that central corneal thickness is a very important finding to calculate risk for glaucoma as well as glaucoma progression. This test is a standard in our practice as it assists us in evaluating risks as well as treatment options.
  • Full Threshold Visual Fields - As known, when glaucoma progresses, it slowly takes away the peripheral vision (a disease entity also known as the sneak-thief of sight). A full threshold visual field allows us to access any changes in the peripheral vision and normalize this data within the population.
  • Gonioscopy - During gonioscopy, the doctor utilizes a special mirrored lens that allows an excellent view of the drainage angle, the area within the eye that drains the aqueous fluid out of the eye. If this structure is not draining fluid properly (which can happen for myriad of reasons) treatment options are different then for those patients with normal drainage angles.
  • Goldmann Tonometry - At Family Eyecare Associates you can rest assured that we will use the gold standard for all treatment and diagnostic procedures. Goldmann tonometry allows us to accurately assess the intraocular pressure of the eye for evaluation as well as treatment progression. Currently, the only way to treat glaucoma is by the reduction of intraocular pressure, and this allows us to accurately measure this treatment. In the future, we are excited about novel approaches to glaucoma treatment that will not only treat pressure but act as protection to the optic nerve. Stay tuned!
  • Fundus Photography - We order fundus photography on our glaucoma patients as a way to monitor for any changes in the appearance and architecture of the optic nerve. By imaging this tissue, we can better assess change in future visits.

As we manage our patients with glaucoma, we want them to know we are their Eyecare team, dedicated to the preservation of sight. We always educate our patients on all treatment options, and live by our mission of providing the highest level of service and care while keeping vision uppermost in our minds at all times. Rest assured you will receive state-of-the-art, most up to date glaucoma treatment that has the best probability in the preservation of sight!

Learn about GLAUCOMA TESTING by watching video above and GLAUCOMA TREATMENT by watching video below.  Do not hesitate to contact our doctors with any questions or concerns about glaucoma.

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