Eye Emergency: ER, Urgent Care, or Family Eyecare Associates?

Eye Emergency: ER, Urgent Care, or Family Eyecare Associates?

Unfortunately, little surprises aren’t always pleasant... especially when the eyes are concerned!

Our vision is so precious, and each of us wants to preserve the health of our eyes for our entire lifetime.

So, what to do when little Bobby gets poked in the eye while playing with his brother? Or if the ear medication gets mistaken for eye drops? Suddenly notice floaters and/or flashes of light? Awaken with swollen, sticky eyes?

Many people’s first stop is the emergency room, unaware that the family eye doctor is a phone call away. At Family Eyecare Associates, there is a doctor on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Many times a solution can be found simply by talking with the doctor, preventing costly visits. In the event that the doctor needs to see the patient, it is usually more convenient, time effective, and ultimately beneficial than sitting in a waiting room at the ER or urgent care.

When should you call? The simple answer is call when there’s a problem. (Keeping in mind that we will happily attend to any matter that involves routine office management - such as ordering materials or handling bills – during office hours). Don’t hesitate because you don’t want to bother anyone on Sunday or disturb the dinner hour. If you need us, we want to help you. And who better to care for your eyes than a professional trained specifically to do just that?

We hope that you never need our emergency care, but please know that we will be here if you do!

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