Better vision - even during night time driving - is here!

Better vision - even during night time driving - is here!

Many spectacle wearers can now have their visual performance corrected more effectively than ever. ZEISS, a leader in medical and optical technology, has developed an eye measuring system using cutting edge technology.

Visual defects can now be analyzed more effectively and precisely in the office during your comprehensive eye exam. By combining these measurements with with specialized ZEISS spectacle correction, many of our patients will receive lenses that result in decreased distortion and optimized vision, especially in poor light and at night.

Decreased clarity and strain resulting from glare and halo effects, which can be major safety risks when driving, is a common concern. Until now, spectacle lenses have only corrected defocus (long or short sight) and astigmatism. Using the ZEISS iProfiler® we can measure and correct higher order aberrations (the main causes of distortion) along with defocus and astigmatism. This breakthrough is alleviating poor night vision for many of our patients, getting them back on the road safely and comfortably.

The innovative objective ZEISS iProfiler®, combined with your doctor’s examination recommendation, results in your personalized i.Scription® lens production at Carl Zeiss. We at Family Eyecare associates were fortunate enough to be one of the first 6 practices in the United States with this technology, and until recently were the only practice west of the Rockies with the technology that allows us to better correct vision for many of our patients with the need of this technology.

We at Family Eyecare Associates are excited to be able to share this newest technology with you, our patients, as we strive to provide you with the very best in care and service!

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