The Importance of UV Protection for your future vision!

The Importance of UV Protection for your future vision!


UV Protection: Important for Vision and Future of Vision


In these next few months many of us will be spending time outside hiking, boating, camping, swimming,etc...enjoying some fun in the sun! It is great that we can enjoy so many activities outside during the summer but we also want to be responsible and take care of our health as well. What I mean by this is that we will be exposing ourselves to the sun, the good and the bad, for extended hours. We of course want to put on our sunscreen but we don't want to forget about our eyes! We also want to protect our vision and future of vision. We can do this by wearing sunglasses! Harmful UV rays are produced by the sun and with prolong exposure to the eyes these rays can cause early onset of cataracts, Ultraviolet corneal keratitis(sunburning the eyes), or an increased risk of developing Age-related Macular Degeneration. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from these harmful rays and decrease your risk of developing the aforementioned conditions. Now you also want to be careful that your sunglasses actually protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays. Some sunglasses(usually cheap) are made with the dark lenses but not with the UV protection. These type of sunglasses are actually worse for the health of your eyes because they let more harmful rays in, due to your eyes naturally dilating behind the dark lenses. We here at Family Eyecare carry various brands of sunglasses all with UV protection, and for those of you who wear corrective lenses already we can always make a prescription pair of sunglasses just for you! So enjoy those activities in the sun, and remember to wear those sunglasses!

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