Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

I love that we attract the best and most generous patients to our office!


One of our frame and lens experts, Melinda, conveyed to me recently that she had witnessed an incredible Act of Kindness; and she couldn't help but share the story with me.  [Isn't it fun to witness when positive acts spread like wildfire?]  A new patient of Dr. Cooper's, who was coming to our office for her first appointment for prescription glasses, overheard a fellow patient in our frame style area state, "I would love to have these frames I have been looking at, but I just can't afford them right now..."


Our esteemed new patient... let's call her Chandra ... pulled Melinda aside after hearing this exchange and stated that she wanted to pay the bill for her new glasses.  Melinda insisted that her generous offer was not necessary; but she persisted and paid the balance in full.  It gives me goosebumps just to recount this - what a wonderful spirit of giving Chandra displayed on this day in late April 2011; truly, a fine gift offered with no expectation of a gift in return. 


I feel I speak for the doctors and staff at Family Eyecare Associates when I say, "Thank you, Chandra..." for reminding us that opportunities for Acts of Kindness are available at every turn in our days, our weeks, our years... and if we each simply slow down and reflect on our many blessings, we too will see the opportunity to Pay It Forward when the moment presents.  We are grateful to each one of you for your generosity to all those who are in greater need.  Thank you, for paying it forward!  Dr. Becky Humphreys

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Name: Frank Gilliano

Comment: Great story!! The movie is pretty inspiring too.

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