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Ocular Nutraceuticals

Are you at risk for macular degeneration? Have you considered vitamins or nutritional therapy? Family Eyecare Associates only promotes vitamins proven effective in studies. 

Ocular Nutraceuticals proven effective: AREDS 2

The National Eye Institute's publication of the AREDS2 results in May 2013 demonstrated the effectiveness of targeted high-dose nutritional supplementation in the slowing and prevention of age-related macular changes. 

Specifically, the newest research showed:

The carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin were 18% more effective than the orginal AREDS formula which contained beta-carotene. Lutein and Zeaxanthin absorption were improved when beta-carotene was removed.

A study published by Dr. Carl C Awh in the professional journal, of Ophthalmology, showed that when people with genetic make-up that includes one or two complement factor H (CFH) risk alleles is present, the mineral zinc may negate the benefits of other crucial macula-supportive antioxidants. This is a particularly common scenario in patients aged 40-65 who do not yet have macular degeneration, but who have have a first degree relative (father, mother, brother, sister) who have lost vision from the condition. 

VisiVite AREDS2 No-Zinc White Formula contains high levels of Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, as recommended int he latest research. 

For more informtion regarding which nutraceuticals might be best for you, ask your eye doctor.


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5th Annual Donate An Eyecare Day!

Family Eyecare Associates is proud to announce our 5th Annual Donate An Eyecare Day! We're giving the gift of sight this Holiday Season -- Five of our optometrists and support staff are donating their time/services and revenue generated on Saturday, December 10, 2016 to the Lions Club. The Lions...

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Amazing new frames at Family Eyecare Associates!

We are very excited to introduce a new frame line to Northern Nevada, Ovvo Optics. These frames are designed and produced in the European Union from Surgical Steel...

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Don't Forget to Access those Flexible Spending Dollars!

Many of our patients have flexible spending accounts that are left forgotten throughout the year!  If you are one of those, know that these accounts can be used for eye health care and optical goods, including those glasses you may need!  Don't let these dollars you have worked hard for...

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4th Annual Lions Donate an Eyecare Day!

Family Eyecare Associates is proud to serve our patients on the 4th Annual 
Lions Donate an Eyecare Day

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Our Third Annual Lions Donate an Eyecare Day was GREAT!

On December 13, 2014 three of our Drs and 9 of our office team provided care to close to 30 patients during our 3rd annual Lions Donate an Eyecare Day.  Along with our colleagues at Nevada Vision Group, Reno Family Eyecare, and HD Retina, we were able to collect an almost $8,000 donation for...

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Continuing to advance our Technology with High Definition OCT

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new Optical Coherence Tomographer that allows us a high definition ultrasonic image of any area of the retina or...

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article on Dr Denis in Sparks Tribune

Article on Dr. Denis Humphreys, originally in Sparks Tribune 1st wk of May!!!

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Spring 2014 Frame Show

spring 2014 frame show

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Spring 2014 Frame Show

Logo 2 Over

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Prevention of Basketball Eye Injuries


Basketball going through the hoop

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Comprehensive Eye Exam vs. Vision Screening

Comprehensive Eye Exams vs Vision Screening

How is a comprehensive eye and vision examination different from a vision screening?

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Importance of annual eye exams for diabetes

3 reasons comprehensive exams matter for diabetes

 Many eye problems show no symptoms until they are in an advanced stage.

More than 8 percent of the American population has diabetes. For this large group of at-risk patients, regular...

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Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Symptoms of AMD

-Gradual loss of ability to see objects clearly

-Objects appear distorted in shape. Straight lines look wavy or crooked.

-Loss of clear color vision

-A dark or empty area appears in the...

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Advanced Dry Eye Diagnosis is here at Family Eyecare Associates!

We now provide state of the art dry eye diagnostic tools at Family Eyecare Associates which allow us to individualize your treatment to improve your dry eye disease and keep you seeing for years to come!  Do not hesitate to contact us for a dry eye evaluation today!  Our Tear Lab capabilities...

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Do you have a Red Eye? We will figure out that diagnosis!

We have as well added the Adenoplus Viral Detector into our Red Eye work up.  This allows our clinicians to determine the cause or etiology of the red eye and treat correctly to get you better quicker!  If you have a red eye, come on in and we will take care of you!! Read Full Post and Comment»

The Importance of UV Protection for your future vision!


UV Protection: Important for Vision and Future of Vision


In these next few months many of us will be spending time outside hiking, boating, camping...

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Presbyopia and its effect on vision


Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the crystalline lens of your eye loses its flexibility, which makes it difficult for you to focus on close objects.

Presbyopia may seem to occur suddenly, but the actual loss of flexibility takes place over a number...

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Listen to Dr. Denis Humphreys\' PODCAST on Childrens\' Vision Month!

August is Childrens' Vision Month!!

Our own Dr. Denis Humphreys has created a podcast which talks all about children's vision in this...

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Sunglasses Shopping Guide

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New Optical Technology in Beta just released to Family Eyecare Associates

Highly Sensitive and Accurate Optical Measuring Technology Just Released to Family Eyecare Associates as a Beta!

Family Eyecare Associates is excited to be on the cutting edge of optical quality and measuring technology.  We just received this week the new Beta version...

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Dr Denis Humphreys a national player in Healthy Vision Month!

*Exerpt from Cigna Newsroom*  Listen to Dr. Denis Humphreys' podcast!!

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May is Healthy Vision Month!

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Our App for your Phone is here!

We have designed a handy app for your phone to make it easier to contact us/schedule an appt/etc right from your mobile device!  Just scan this barcode to get it!  We want to make it easy to find us from wherever you are!!


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We continually are IMPROVING our service!

Consulting Conference Attended 2/4-5/2013 by Drs. Troy Humphreys, Cori Cooper, and Lead Staff

On 2/4 and 2/5 of 2013, Dr. Cori Cooper and Dr.Troy Humphreys, along with lead staff Kellie and Gina, attended a Williams Consulting conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This consulting group helps...

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Today, 35 patients will receive pro bono Eye Surgery!!



Lions Eye Foundation Donate an Eyecare Day

Today at Family Eyecare Associates...

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Made in The Shade



Made in the Shade (Exerpt from Oprah Magazine)

"Looking cool is just one...

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Family Eyecare Associates are joining the World Sight Day Challenge during the month of October to help give the gift of vision to people in developing countries...

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We Welcome Dr Umari Duffus to our Family!

Dr. Umari Duffus will officially join our practice as of August 7, 2012!  We are excited to welcome him into our family, and you will find him to be a wonderful addition to our team!  He comes to us with vast eyecare experience from Southern California, and his personality and ability to...

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Diabetes and Retinal Care Education

3 of our 5 practicioners were able to attend the Nevada Optometric Associations' annual meeting and receive 4 hours of education on new topics in Diabetic management by Dr. Dan Carruso and on novel treatments for retinal disease by Dr. Arshad Khanani.  We value our connection to our community...

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Spring Style Show 2012

The Staff and Doctors of Family Eyecare Associates want to thank all of our participants of the May 10, 2012 Spring Style Show!  We had many patients purchase the newest fashions of eyewear at large savings, and many patients left smiling with wonderful raffle prizes!  It was a fun event...

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We now have added the Macula Risk genetic assessment to our macular degeneration work-ups and care.  This exciting genetic test (taken by a swab of the cheek) allows us to assess your risk of advancement to wet macular degeneration, thus changing our care plan to better save vision.  We...

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New Electronic No line Bifocals are here!!

We at Family Eyecare Associates are proud to be the first in Northern Nevada to offer new electronically controlled progressive addition lenses (no line bifocals)!  For those of you who have had challenges adapting to the standard no line bifocals, electronic control of the near portion of the...

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Join us for the World Sight Day Challenge October 13th!

On World Sight Day (October 13), Family Eyecare Associates will donate a portion of our proceeds to help provide eye exams and glasses to children in developing countries who can’t see well enough to learn at school, as well as adults who don’t see well...

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Thank you to all of our patients for the excellent Google Reviews!

As our google marketing world changes rapidly these days, we thought it would be a fun idea to send an "invite" to our patients to review us on google places.  We have had so many fun reviews, and it reminds us why we do business with our patients; to treat you all like our family and provide...

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Help Us Help You




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New Animated Education for our patients

At Family Eyecare Associates, we want our patients to have the most up-to-date, accurate information and education available in order to make more informed decisions about their eyecare, surgical eyecare, and quality eyewear.  We are currently adding the newest education platform available in...

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Thanks for your patience during our construction!

A few weeks ago, we had an inadvertent blunder by one of our delivery services; while attempting to gather a box on the floor of his van, the delivery person inadvertently jammed the accelerator in the van to the floor and drove up over our curb, over a tree, and directly into our building. ...

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Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imaging and You


When you check in for your complete eye health evaluation appointment, you will be invited to read about Optomap retinal imaging. This is to introduce you to one of the key technologies that your doctor is prescribing to ensure...

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Pay it Forward

I love that we attract the best and most generous patients to our office!


One of our frame and lens experts, Melinda, conveyed to me recently that she had witnessed an incredible Act of Kindness; and she couldn't help but share the story with me.  [Isn...

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Email or Text or Call? You choose!!

March 21, 2011 at Family Eyecare Associates was an exciting day!!  We added an amazing system that allows our patients flexibility in the way you would like to be communicated with.  If we have your current email, you should have or will be receiving an introduction to our online community...

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Better vision - even during night time driving - is here!

Many spectacle wearers can now have their visual performance corrected more effectively than ever. ZEISS, a leader in medical and optical technology, has developed an eye measuring system using cutting edge technology.

Visual defects can now be analyzed more effectively and precisely in the...

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Eye Emergency: ER, Urgent Care, or Family Eyecare Associates?

Unfortunately, little surprises aren’t always pleasant... especially when the eyes are concerned!

Our vision is so precious, and each of us wants to preserve the health of our eyes for our entire lifetime.

So, what to do when little Bobby gets poked in the eye while playing with...

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